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As Sam fell, his surroundings started to fade away. Not that there was much surrounding him other than an endless void, but even the blackness started to give away to a staticky dark gray and a feverish warmth. He gripped the hand he was holding with all his waning strength; he couldn’t remember why, but it felt important that he didn’t let go.

The sound of air rushing past him as he fell was replaced by the sound of blood rushing in his ears, so loud he couldn’t hear anything else.

He couldn’t hold on any longer. The hand slipped out of his grasp.

A jolt of panic coursed through him, shattering the fog in his brain like a panel of frosted glass.

His heart lurched as he changed directions in midair. Then the dizzying sensation of falling backward continued.

This time, though, he wasn’t falling. He was rising.

He couldn’t see Lachlan anymore, but he knew he was there, somewhere below him in the darkness.

A tidal wave of nausea crashed over him as he change directions again–his inner ear’s last desperate plea. Headfirst, he plummeted downward again.

This time, he was in control.

Lachlan faded into view, and Sam grabbed him. For a moment, the force of Lachlan’s fall pulled him down. Then, straining against Lachlan’s weight, he carried them both upward.

Why couldn’t he have gotten super strength as one of his abilities?

He braced himself, then made that stomach-twisting turn, changing his direction through time so he was moving perpendicular to it instead of through it. Lachlan froze in his arms.

Still holding onto Lachlan, Sam slowly flipped over in the air so he was upside down. Then, he dove.

He wasn’t falling anymore; he was moving downward independently of gravity, exceeding his terminal velocity as he flew down toward the rest of the group.

He saw a blurry shape beneath him, and slowed his descent. It had to be them.

But wait. Something was strange about this. For one thing, it should have been too dark for him to see the anything at this distance. For another, the shape he saw was moving.

He stopping descending and flipped right-side-up, keeping his eyes on the shape that was growing rapidly larger as it approached him. As it got closer, he realized it was glowing.

As it approached, he could make out a human outline in the light. It was rising toward him, surrounded by more human shapes. It was–

It was Jen?

She rose up out of the darkness about 15 feet away from him.

The rest of the group floated around her, most of them frozen like Lachlan. Angelina and Mrs. Sharma weren’t frozen, but they didn’t look conscious either.

She hovered in the air, her arms outstretched. her arms outstretched, a white light glowing through her skin.

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