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3:39 PM June 29, 2009

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Naomi (Online)
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Angelina <xX_i_x3_tgt_4ever_Xx> — Conversation

Angelina: omg omg omggggg
Angelina: are u actually friends with the goldfish technique??????
Naomi: Yes, I am.
Angelina: *screams*
Angelina: can u introduce meeee?
Angelina: lachlan won’t cuz he’s mean T_T
Naomi: Sorry, but I’m not sure when I’ll ever see them again.
Angelina: aw 😦 i’m sorry. why not?
Naomi: I can’t go back to them now. It’s too dangerous.
Naomi: Someone who wasn’t meant to see me saw me, and I had to get out.
Angelina: omg scary! :O
Angelina: are you like a spy or something? o_O
Naomi: No, not a spy.
Angelina: that’s exactly what a spy would say 😛
Naomi: Good point. I’m definitely not a spy, though.
Naomi: Hang on.
You have changed your name to Falcon (Naomi).
Falcon (Naomi): That’s better.
Falcon (Naomi): I’d sign into my old account, but I don’t want to disconnect from the camera and have you call the police on me.
Falcon (Naomi): Not that I think you would, but I have enough happening as it is.
Angelina: i won’t tell if u wont!
Angelina: you don’t seem like ur gonna do anything nefarious.
Angelina: did i spell that right?
Angelina: nefarious?
Falcon (Naomi): You spelt it right.
Angelina: ok thankies
Falcon (Naomi): You’re welcome.
Falcon (Naomi): And it’s okay. Naomi was nice enough to let me stay here, and I don’t want to break any of her rules.
Falcon (Naomi): I hope she doesn’t mind me talking to you.
Angelina: dont worry i’ll take the blame if she finds out!
Angelina: i was the one who started talking to u, and plus i don’t think naomi likes me all that much anyway
Falcon (Naomi): I appreciate you talking to me. I’m a bit bored and restless.
Falcon (Naomi): If I’m alone with my thoughts for too long, I start thinking about what happened, and I get sad.
Falcon (Naomi): I had an actual life with Dominic, Melanie, and Jessica. I was happy for the first time ever. Now it’s all gone, just like that.
Angelina: *hugs* 😦
Falcon (Naomi): It’s not even only that, either.
Falcon (Naomi): There was something I needed to do, to help people I really care about, and I kept putting it off. Now I’ll probably never get the chance.
Falcon (Naomi): I feel like I’ve lost everything in just a few days.
Angelina: i’m sorry ❤ ❤
Falcon (Naomi): I’ll be fine. I’ve been through worse.
Angelina: oh no!! that just makes it even sadder!!!
Angelina: i don’t know much about you, but you seem super nice and u deserve happiness and good things
Angelina: *virtual happiness rays*
Angelina: i hope things get better for u and u get to do whatever it was you needed to.
Falcon (Naomi): Thanks. Me too.
Angelina: ummmmm
Angelina: don’t look now but naomi’s behind you and she doesn’t look happy
Angelina: well it was nice talking to u falcon! *waves*

Last message received at 4:03 PM on 9/29/2009.


Falcon swiveled around in the computer chair to face Naomi, not quite looking her in the eyes. She crossed her arms and frowned at him for a moment, then picked up a pen and added another ground rule to the notepad on the desk beside him.

6. Don’t use my IM account without permission.

“Don’t be angry at him, Naomi! Please?” said Angelina over the video chat. “It’s my fault! I started talking to him, and he was just being nice!”

“Why?” She turned her frown towards the webcam. “I asked you to keep an eye on him, not strike up a conversation.”

“But you didn’t say not to strike up a conversation! Angelina already looked younger than her 19 years, but her pout made her look even younger.

“I’m saying it now. Don’t strike up a conversation.”

“Why not?” Angelina drew out her words like a pleading child as she spoke.

“Because this is my apartment and it’s my IM account and I said so.”

“You sound like my mother! How are you a year younger than me?” Angelina pursed her lips together, making her expression even poutier. “Falcon looks confused. We should really be typing this conversation so he knows what we’re saying.”

A second later, the computer dinged with a message from Angelina that read ‘she’s angry we were talking and i’m saying pls don’t be angry’.

As irritated as Naomi was with both of them, Angelina had a point. It wasn’t fair to exclude Falcon from the conversation.

Naomi typed a reply. ‘Look. I know you didn’t mean any harm, Falcon, but I don’t like you using my IM account without my permission. It feels like a violation of privacy.’

He signed ‘sorry’.

‘It’s okay. Just ask next time you want to use my computer,Naomi typed.

She could hear the clicking of Angelina typing, then Naomi’s computer dinged with a message. ‘falcon u r veryyyy mysterious. you seem like a man with a dark troubled secret. if not a spy r u a vampire maybe? :O’

Falcon smiled a little and did the sign for no. When Angelina didn’t understand, he shook his head.

There was more typing interspersed with a series of dings as Angelina fired off more messages.

‘sorry idk sign language but i will remember that one 4 later!’

‘ooh i should learn so i can talk to u better!!’

hey if ur not a vampire… are u a WEREWOLF? awooooo’

Angelina held up her hands, mimicking claws. Naomi rolled her eyes, and Falcon laughed a bit and shook his head no again.

The computer dinged again as Angelina sent two more messages.

‘okay if ur not a spy, not a werewolf, and not a vampire… what IS ur super mysterious story?’

‘naomi said you needed help so lets start with that! what do u need help with??’

Falcon looked at Naomi, and she nodded and slid the keyboard to him.

‘It’s a long story,’ he began typing.

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