Interlude 27 — Nocturnal

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Belfry leaned over the cup of hot liquid and took a sip. The flavor and temperature were strange, but he was so thirsty. He smelled something sweet in front of him and followed his nose to an ornate glass jar filled with sugar cubes. The tall, blond man noticed him and reached over, lifting the lid and handing one of the cubes to Belfry.

“Thank you, sir!” Belfry broke off a piece and ate it, closing his eyes to savor the sweet taste.

The man patted him on the head.

The furniture everyone was sitting on was far too big for Belfry, but he didn’t mind. He’d never had furniture to fit him–in his mind, furniture was for humans, not for whatever he was.

He wasn’t really sure what he was. The first humans he’d met had called him an ‘experiment’.

He liked the humans he was with now much more than the first humans he’d met, even if these ones didn’t understand what he was saying. Some of the first humans he’d known had been kind, but lots of them had done painful, scary things to him. None of them had given him sugar cubes without making him do something first, like solve a maze, or press a button that would hurt him if he pressed it wrong.

He looked around at the humans surrounding him. He didn’t see Chelsea or Angelina, and he missed them. He hoped they were okay.

He was glad to have returned to the garden they’d been before, though. It was much less scary than the dark, windy place. This garden was nice and warm, and there were plenty of sweet cubes to eat.

He wished he could understand what everyone was saying, though.

He turned his attention to the only other non-human in the group, fluttering down to the dog that was laying at the older woman’s feet. The dog sniffed him curiously, then laid his head back down and went to sleep. Belfry decided to follow the dog’s example and curled up next to him, closing his eyes and letting himself drift off into a nap.

Maybe the others would be back when he woke up.

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